The Australian Family migration stream aims to reunite immediate and extended family members with their eligible Australian relatives. Applicants wishing to migrate under the Family migration scheme must be sponsored by a close family relative who is an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen and at least 18 years of age.

Carrier visa (subclass 116)

This visa is for someone who needs to move to Australia to:

  • Care for a relative in Australia with a long-term or permanent medical condition, or
  • Assist a relative providing care to a member of their family unit with a long-term or permanent medical condition.

Partner (Provisional) visa (subclass 309) and Partner (Migrant) visa (subclass 100)

This visa allows the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to travel to and live in Australia.
You must be outside Australia when you apply.

Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300)

This visa allows people to come to Australia to marry their prospective spouse.

Partner visa (subclasses 820 and 801)

To get this visa, you must be married to or in a de facto relationship with an:

  • Australian citizen.
  • Australian permanent resident.
  • Eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • You must be in Australia when you apply.​

Aged Dependent Relative visa (subclass 114)

This visa is for some older people to migrate to Australia if they rely on an eligible relative in Australia to provide financial support.

Remaining Relative visa (subclass 115)

This visa allows someone outside Australia whose only near relatives are living in Australia to live in Australia as a permanent resident.

Child visa (subclass 101)

This visa allows a child who is outside Australia to come to Australia to live with their parents.


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